Binger Balikbayan Service e.K.

The Balikbayan boxes and goods that you wish to send to Philippines through with us, Binger Balikbayan Service, are subject to various regulations. There are export regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and import regulations of the Republic of the Philippines to be considered.  

And there are rules from the Philippine authorities for declarable items or goods that are not intended for commercials sent by their nationals living abroad or former Filipino nationals (Balikbayan).

Following articles are prohibited goods, which are not allowed in a Balikbayan Box.

 legal means of currency and securities
 easily perishable foods
 liquors and Perfumes
 prohibited medicines and drugs

        gasoline, paints & lacquers, varnishes, solvents and other flammable liquids
 acids, filled car batteries
 live animals and plants
 human organs
 arm, weapons and ammunition, explosives
 chemicals and radioactive materials

        car tires, Automobile, motorcycle, parts or whole
commodities - goods which are intended as merchandise for resale *

*  Goods are always considered as commodities by customs if a package contains twelve (12) or more items of the same kind.

If this list is insufficient for you, or should you have any doubts for your goods to be shipped, feel free to inquire us or to any relevant customs offices.

Customs Regulations: 01.05.2017