Binger Balikbayan Service e.K.

• Set up the box, fold inward the two small bottom flaps, then fold the two large bottom flaps over the small folded flaps. Stick the entire outer bottom surface with smooth packing tape or plastic adhesive tape. Pull the ends of at least a few inches on the sides or above, this protects the box from moisture or wet surface. Once the box is filled, fold the flaps of the cover and stick together in the same way the bottom flaps is stick and closed. If box is heavy, it is recommended to place a chipboard (hard material made from small pieces of wood) at the bottom inside, it is available in hardware stores.

• Do not fill the box excessively. A highly bulge or expanded box will enable the loss of the stability of the carton and may forfeit your insurance against external damage during shipping. We also reserve our rights for a price adjustment to the actual container loading space measurements.

• Containers with liquids should be securely taped over or paste over not to leak or spill out contents.

• We certainly give no weight limit to your box, however, you should avoid extremely heavy boxes, it should be safe to lift or load manually. Suitable lifting devices are mostly not available during the collection of Balikbayan Boxes or delivery/dispatch to the Philippines.

• Please do not use any string, wire, metal bands, plastic straps or similar materials to tie up or closing your box as this might damage your box and there is a danger of injuring our staffs during pick up, loading and delivery. Smooth plastic packaging tapes or plastic adhesives are highly recommended to use.

• List the contents of your box on our packing list carefully and accurately.  Please fill up the Packing List provided for every Balikbayan box.

•Items with export restrictions from the Federal Republic of Germany or restrictions on imports from the Philippines may not be sent or delivered. There are segregated regulations for Balikbayan boxes, which are to be considered. Please read the list of prohibited items on our customs regulations. The consequences for violations of these rules are at your expense.

• The sender and recipient’s addresses should be written with a wiping resistant felt-tip pen and is easy to read on the top surface and in front of the box. An additional letter with the address in the box is advisable.

Guidelines in packing Balikbayan Box: 01.05.2017