Binger Balikbayan Service e.K. For  further INFORMATION:

We would like to inform our customers regarding our additional service, the covering of each box with STRETCH FILM, which has led some of our customers to irritate.

We, at the Binger Balikbayan Service e.K., always have to send 4 rolls of stretch films to each of our Containers. These STRETCH FILMS are intended to use for WRAPPING UP the boxes, most especially for those boxes that are needed to transport again through sea freight, like those going to VISAYAS, MINDANAO and Islands.  And also to use when it is raining in LUZON regions and other respective assigned regions.  This WRAPPING UP of STRETCH FILMS is to be able to provide PROTECTION and SAFETY of the boxes.  This is to protect the boxes against moisture, wet and rains. And also to lock-up the box with some opening portions that may caused by insufficient packaging tape and inaccurate way of packing. Thus, to prevent the box from some minor and serious damages.

WRAPPING UP of boxes with STRETCH FILMS individually, has to be done from our warehouse in Manila. Unfortunately, not here in Germany, during or upon picking up of boxes, otherwise, the boxes would stick with each other and to tear up the STRETCH FILMS itself before it is loaded to container.

So, this is an ADDED SERVICE (BONUS) from us, and this doesn’t mean or a sign that your box was manipulated or had been tampered with, this is clearly TO PROTECT YOUR GOODS at our utmost care.

Unfortunately, this BONUS service was misunderstood and misinterpreted by some customers.

For the SAFETY of your boxes, we perform QUALITY CHECKS, monitoring time to time- from PICK-UP, LOADING, TRAVELLING, UNLOADING and DELIVERY till it is handed over to assigned recipient.   Should it be found out that your box/es are not properly packed, our Receiving Inspections, has to pack it again properly well, again to ensure that your box/es are securely packed.  In our Receiving Inspections, we are taking pictures to each box, weighing (as the designated offices needs the weight of each and all the boxes that are loaded in container) before loading to containers.  And likewise, picture taking is also to be done in Manila Warehouse during unloading of the boxes from the container, as well, as during the delivery with the assigned consignees.  We are monitoring your boxes constantly till it is properly handed to your respective consignees.

We are hoping this information may suffice and will help you understand why your boxes are delivered with STRETCH FILMS.  We also would like to extend our greatest gratitude for trusting us.